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A Total Solar Eclipse will occur over northern Australia early in the morning of 14 November 2012. This rare and spectacular phenomenon is probably the most awe inspiring event in the natural world. At the same time the whole of Australia will experience a partial solar eclipse.

This provides a wonderful opportunity to use a dramatic natural event to demonstrate principles of Mathematics and Science to students and possibly stimulate a long term interest in these areas.

The Astronomical Association of Queensland (AAQ) together with the Science Teachers Association of Queensland (STAQ) have produced educational material to assist Queensland teachers to present a range of lessons and activities using this event as a background.

Available resources

All the educational resources prepared by the AAQ/STAQ working group are available on this website for viewing or downloading. There is a link to this website from the STAQ website The resources have been assembled with the objective of providing the information necessary for primary and secondary school teachers to gain an understanding of eclipses generally and to use the eclipse of 14 November 2012 to present lessons and activities on related areas of Mathematics and Science. The resources available on this website include:

  • ECLIPSE INFORMATION. Detailed information on eclipses and related subjects including:
    • the science of eclipses;
    • the eclipse of 14 November 2012 as it will occur in the path of totality as well as the partial eclipse that will occur across Queensland;
    • how to experience and observe both the total and partial eclipses safely;
    • information on the Sun and the Moon, and
    • information on other types of eclipses and the annular eclipse in Queensland on 10 May 2013.
  • CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES. More than 20 activities and lesson plans with the eclipse as their focus, ready for use in the classroom to assist in teaching about the eclipse and related areas of Science and Mathematics.
  • ECLIPSE PRESENTATIONS. Prepared PowerPoint presentations on each of the subjects of the individual web pages.
  • ECLIPSE POSTERS. Posters about the eclipse suitable for use in schools.

This material can be accessed using the panel to the right side of this page.

Teacher Information Booklet

A 28 page teacher information booklet has been produced and printed. The booklet is a collection of the Eclipse Information included on this website. Each section in the booklet broadly includes the information in the individual Eclipse Information web pages. In each section there is reference to the available relevant activities and lesson plans as well as suggested useful websites.

A hard copy of the booklet is being sent to all schools in Queensland. An electronic copy has also been included on the CD which is also being sent to all Queensland schools.

The booklet can be downloaded in electronic form from the Downloads Tab.

Information sent directly to schools

Copies of some of the available resources are being posted directly to all schools in Queensland.

This includes:

  • A printed copy of the teacher information booklet;
  • Printed copies of eclipse posters; and
  • A CD containing the prepared PowerPoint presentations and classroom activities that were available at the time of production of the CD; as well as digital copies of the teacher booklet and posters..

Any school that has not received this material, please advise us using the Contact form.

National Curriculum, Science

The National Curriculum for Science introduced in Queensland schools in 2012 includes astronomy related topics in years 3, 5, 7 and 10. Although eclipses are specifically included in the year 7 curriculum, the activities as part of these resources have been designed to be suitable for a range of year levels and address topics that appear in the other year levels as well. The resources may be especially useful if schools in the path of totality plan a general education program about the eclipse for the whole school population. The prepared Activities include references to relevant areas of the National Curriculum.

Queensland Studies Authority

The Queensland Studies Authority’s Assessment Bank will showcase the use of the solar eclipse to model the process of developing quality assessment across year levels and learning areas. Assessment packages are being developed in English (Year 4 and 5), Mathematics (Year 1 and 9), Science (Year 7) and History (Year 8). These packages will all be aligned to the Australian Curriculum and include a Student Booklet, Teacher Guidelines, Guide to Making Judgments and an Indicative A model response. These assessment packages will be published online on the QSA Assessment Bank during Term 3. Visit to access this material.


Copyright applies to the material on this website.

The material has been produced by members of the Astronomical Association of Queensland (AAQ) and the Science Teachers Association of Queensland (STAQ). AAQ and STAQ retain copyright of the text and diagrams in the material except where noted that it has been reproduced from elsewhere.

The material may be freely used, reproduced or modified provided that it is for non-commercial purposes and the source is acknowledged. For any request to use use of the material for commercial purposes use the Contact form.

More information

Additional information on the eclipse and this program can be obtained by using the Contact form.


Comments and feedback on the material on this website are welcome including comments on its usefulness or suggestions for modifications or improvements to any of the resources.

If any modifications are made to the PowerPoint presentations or activities / lesson plans (e.g., to suit a different year level) and this may be helpful to other schools please contact us so that it can be considered for adding to the website.

Send any feedback using the Contact form.