Eclipse Presentations

PowerPoint presentations have been developed for use in the classroom. Presentations have been prepared to match with most of the subjects under Teacher Information. The presentations have been numbered to generally correspond with sections in the teacher information booklet.

The presentations as prepared will be suitable for a range of year levels but will likely need appropriate modifications for example to suit lower year levels. The presentations are not locked or password protected and so they are editable, to modify, add or delete slides as appropriate for your class. Only a minimum of animation has been used in the slides to avoid any problems with use on varying platforms. Feel free to add animation (for example, it is simple to add animation to first level paragraphs of text on slides).

If presentations are modified or improved and the modified version may be useful to others (e.g., for lower year levels), please advise us using the Contact form so that you can submit your version and it can be put on the website and made available to others. Please be careful to respect copyright of any material incorporated.

Note that all presentations include a safety warning at the beginning of the presentation so that this message can be reinforced to the students.