About the AAQ

About the AAQ

AAQ%20LogoThe Astronomical Association of Queensland (AAQ) is Queensland’s original astronomical body with a history extending back to 1896. The Association’s principal objectives are the fostering of the science of astronomy, encompassing research and public education, and the encouragement and support of observational astronomy. Membership is open to all persons interested in astronomy. At Ordinary General Meetings reports and discussions on astronomical topics are combined with a main presentation on an astronomical subject. The AAQ is based in Brisbane in the South-Eastern corner of the state of Queensland in Australia. However, we have members from across the State and welcome membership from anywhere in Australia or internationally.

The AAQ serves its members and furthers the science of astronomy by:

  • holding regular monthly meetings in Brisbane;
  • organising regular field nights and excursions in Brisbane and at dark sky sites;
  • publishing a monthly newsletter containing the association’s proceedings, current astronomical info and observational material;
  • maintaining research funds for the advancement of astronomy;
  • recognizing outstanding achievements by the award of prizes;
  • maintaining an extensive library of new and historic literature;
  • providing telescopes for hire by members;
  • providing a members’ forum to exchange ideas and information;
  • supporting education through bursaries and outreach activities, and
  • representing Queensland astronomy within the state, nationally and internationally.

Further information is available on the AAQ website www.aaq.org.au. Check the website for details of times and locations for meetings and field nights and topics for presentations at meetings.

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